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Flat-fee MLS Listing

If you are going to sell your property by yourself, you will sell it more quickly and at a higher price if you use some effective marketing and professional help - to list your property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a flat fee of $490 (no commission). Listing in the MLS is the most effective marketing method and is more effective than all other means of marketing (ads in newspapers, magazines, etc) combined because the MLS is the only place where most potential buyers and all realtors search their desired properties in any of the hundreds of thousands of web sites, such as,,, and local realtors' web sites (such as It is like advertising in thousands of newspapers and hiring thousands of buyer's agents to find you potential buyers. Listing in the MLS is the only way to get enough market exposure, attract the right group of people rather than just a few bargain hunters, and sell a property the quickest way at the highest price.

Our flat-fee MLS listing includes the following services:

  • We provide you information on properties recently sold, pending sales, and properties currently for sale to help you price your house right. Pricing the house right is very important. When the house is priced too low, needless to say, you lose money. When the house is priced too high, buyers and agents will not be interested as they know the market; even if a buyer wants to buy, the house will not appraise and the lender will not lend, and the deal will fall apart. Once the house has fallen out of a contract or sits on the market for awhile, many people get the impression that there are some things seriously wrong with the house.  
  • We list your property on the MLS for one year (you may cancel any time)
  • We provide the disclosure forms (For-Sale-By-Owners must also comply with current laws).
  • We go to your property to take digital photos for use in the MLS unless you already have some pictures that you can email us.
  • We design and host a webpage for you so that anyone in the world can see all the details of your properties, including color pictures.
  • We provide a yard sign.
  • We provide a lockbox, which allows realtors to show your property quickly to more potential buyers which saves you time since you do not have to be at the property.

How to proceed with a Flat-Fee Listing in the MLS? (1) View "Working with Agents" information brochure and let us know if you have any questions; (2) View the MLS listing agreement (let us know if you would like to make any changes); (3)  Click here to fill out the information that you would like to submit to the MLS.  (4) We go to your property to take digital photos for use in the MLS unless you already have some pictures that you can email us.  (5) Once we have the required info, we can have your listing published in the MLS within a few hours. (6) You pay for the Flat Fee Listing service by check or online with a credit card:

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(7) We supply you with a lockbox, yard sign and a website showing the details of your property's MLS listing, etc free of charge. (8) We continue to make changes in the MLS whenever needed and refer potential buyers to you if they call us. 

You may also choose some additional services:

  • We serve as an earnest money holder and a facilitator for a smooth closing. This helps make the transaction in compliance with the law and make buyers more comfortable and willing to complete the complex transaction. Most buyers do not feel comfortable dealing directly with sellers and many even worry that FSBO might have something to hide or something to trick them. Most buyers need and want the help of realtors in the complex house purchasing process. They know that realtors are governed by strict laws and are held to high ethical and professional standards dealing with both sellers and buyers. We can help you to deal with bargain hunters who often try to further bargain down the price after the contract is signed, or who simply try to get out of the contract. We also help you reduce the chance of being sued for failure to comply with current laws (Residential Property Disclosure Act, Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act, etc.) when selling your house. Service fee: $190.
  • We register and design a distinct and easy-to-remember web site for you: (e.g., Unlimited amount of information and photos can be placed on your web site.  The web site can be transferred as a valuable asset to the new owner. Service fee: $190
  • We design your sale brochure and provide you 200 copies. $190.
  • We host an open house for you, and provide open-house and directional signs, beverage, etc. $190.

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